Code of Conduct for Members and Guests


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to encourage a pleasant, courteous and welcoming atmosphere at the Club, which will be conducive to competitive and respective play and an appropriate sharing of the Club’s facilities. Members are required to:
  1. Maintain respect and courteous court decorum while engaged in casual or tournament play.
  2. Follow direction provided by an event organizer, Club Pro, Club Manager, court monitor or other supervising authority acting pursuant to the Club’s program as authorized by the Club Executive.
  3. Refrain from swearing, screaming or physically threatening or aggressive behavior toward another player or players.
  4. Follow club rules in connection with signing up and retiring from the use of tennis courts.
  5. Exercise consideration for others in not monopolizing limited court time when others are waiting.
  6. Abide by Club rules in connection with appropriate attire, shoes, and membership identification.
  7. Respond politely and accurately when asked for proof of membership or concerning use of the Club’s property including balls, ball machine, etc.

Education and Process

A failure to follow either the letter or the spirit of Club Rules or Code may result in sanctions including but not limited to:
  • remedial education
  • suspension of playing privileges
  • expulsion from the Club
Any sanction imposed may be appealed by writing a letter in support of the appeal to the Club Executive Conduct Committee. The Conduct Committee’s decision in matters of discipline or policy is final.