Court Rules and Etiquette

GENERAL INFORMATION: Suitable attire (no jeans, cut-offs, tank tops) and non-marking tennis shoes must be worn on the courts.
  1. Please observe court etiquette:
    • never walk behind another court while play is in progress;
    • wait for a break in play before interrupting others for whatever reason;
    • be mindful of stray balls rolling onto your court and return them to their source at the first break in your own play; keep talking and other distractions to a minimum.
Reserving Courts:
  1. Courts may only be booked by club members through the on-line booking system.
  2. Members taking lessons or playing in special events/programs may not book those courts until that particular activity has finished.
  3. If the court you are playing on is not claimed, and there are no others waiting for a court to open up, you may continue on it until the court becomes booked or until the owner of the court (the person who booked the court) arrives to claim their court.
  4. Members who are booking while using the Club’s computer at the clubhouse are asked to reserve the court where the players have been on the longest.
  5. League matches and organized Club events have priority.
  6. One or more court(s) is reserved for the Club Pro for lessons and clinics; it may be used by members when it is not being used by the Pro.